Professional Disc Repair Process Details

Retro Game Fan uses the most advanced Disc Repair Machines available to restore your DVD Movies, Music CDs, Video Games, and more!

Professional Disc Resurfacing Machine
Send your damaged discs to us for repair! One disc or one thousand discs, we have the experience and capacity to meet your needs.

We can repair all of your valuable discs to "Like New" condition! The industrial machines we use are not just a cleaner or buffer, but are the highest quality professional resurfacing machines available. The liquid-cooled process safely removes even deep scratches without harming the disc. No heat is used in the process.

With the professional machines we use, Retro Game Fan can restore your scratched discs to a playable state. Patented micro-abrasive pads and micro-processor controlled resurfacing provides the highest quality other process or competitor's machine even comes close. This is the best scratch removal process to fix your damaged discs!

Our Disc Repair Machines Use Exclusive "Flat Polishing" Technology!

Comparison of disc profiles after scratch repairs:
...Our machines vs Others:

Disc surface remains flat with our machines

Disc surface can warp with competitors machines

Disc machines use wet repair process for safety

We use the highest quality repair machines available to restore your disks to "Like New" condition!

  • Wet Process removes even deep scratches
  • Micro-processor controlled repair
  • Exclusive "Flat Polishing" Technology allows repeated repairs without distorting the disk surface
  • We use the best professional machines on the market today!

If Retro Game Fan can't repair your scratched discs, no one can!

Retro Game Fan performs Disc Resurfacing via an industry leading Disc Repair System. This is not one of those cheap disc cleaners that leaves swirls, etc. on your disc. The industrial machines we use are professional grade and are effective in removing 99% of all scratches! Your disc could be covered in scratches and still be repaired! The machines we use are the best in the industry! 

Note that some disc types are more responsive to resurfacing than others. Very deep scratches on some discs may be reduced but not eliminated. DVDs and similar type media usually can be restored to a flawless or a near flawless state. For Blu-ray and CD media, scratches may not be fully removed and only reduced since these media types utilize a much harder plastic compound. For example: Audio CDs, Dreamcast, Sega CD games & Blu-ray discs are repairable, but there may still be some scratches that cannot be totally removed. However, we have seen excellent results in restoring them to a playable state. DVDs, Xbox, Wii, PS1, PS2, etc. type media can almost always be resurfaced to a brand new like state unless massive damage is present (as indicated in "exceptions" below).

*Exceptions: Some discs may be beyond repair if the following issues are present

Badly Damaged Discs
  • Discs with holes
  • Excessively deep gouges or dents
  • Cracked discs
  • Disc rot &/or data rot
  • Heat damage (warped, melted, etc.)
  • Disc layers separating
  • Label side damage

A note about label side damage: If the top side with the artwork is extensively damaged, the disc is beyond repair. To check: Hold your disc up close to a very bright light bulb (label side toward the bulb). If you see light shining thru scratches and/or pin holes in the disc, you have label side damage. No machine is capable of fixing this type of damage. If the label side damage is extensive enough, the disc may be unreadable.

Important: For full details about the repair service, types of disc damage, what can/cannot be repaired, etc. please reference the following pages prior to ordering:

Repair Process Details (this page)
Types of Disc Damage
Scratch Removal Potential
Bulk Repairs / Price List
Disc Repair Outsourcing (If you are a business in need of bulk resurfacing)
Repair Service Ship-To Address

The Fine Print: Retro Game Fan is not affiliated with any DVD or CD manufacturer or developer. We cannot accept or repair illegally copied or pirated media. This is not a duplication service of any kind. This service is only provided to attempt repair of disc media to a playable state. Customer agrees by purchasing this service that Retro Game Fan will attempt to repair their item. Not all discs can be repaired, so please review your discs prior to purchasing this service to determine if you have an irreparable disc (see "*Exceptions" above for details). Retro Game Fan cannot be liable for loss of data or damage to records or files on discs. Retro Game Fan is not liable for original retail price of your disc if it cannot be repaired. Because of the nature of this service, we can offer no refunds on disc repair. That said; if any refunds are granted for this service they are at the sole discretion of Retro Game Fan management. We recommend customers purchase shipping insurance when mailing discs to us.

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