Disc Repair Service "Ship-To" Address & Packing Tips

If you have purchased our Professional Disc Repair Service, please follow the instructions on this page to securely mail us your discs.  

Important:  Please review the charts below our address for information that relates to your order size.

Ship your disc repair order to us at the following address:

If you're using USPS:
RGF Repair Service
PO BOX 80817

If you're using FedEx, UPS, etc.:
RGF Repair Service
677 FAIRVIEW RD #80817

Send your discs only. Do not send cases, binders, etc.

Don't forget to include a print-out of your Order Confirmation. If you don't have a printer, simply include a note with your Order #, Name, and Return Address inside your package.

Low order packing info & ship to address

Large order packing info & ship to address

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Sales@RetroGameFan.com and we'll be happy to help.  We have years of experience shipping discs and can provide tips on packing and shipping.

For your reference, transactions with us may appear on your credit card or bank statement as:  "SP * RetroGameFan.com"  If you checkout via PayPal, however, the transaction may appear on your statement as: "RGF-GDR" or "RetroGF-DiscRepair".

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