Professional Disc Repair Outsourcing for your Business

Grow your business by adding greater value to your used inventory!

Customer buys scratch free discsIf your business sells used Video Games, CDs or DVDs you can increase customer satisfaction and profit potential by offering scratch free discs!

Many business, sole-proprietors, etc. are already using our Professional Disc Repair Service to offer their customers quality used discs that look & play like new, now you can too!  With so much competition in the used disc market, you need to stand out from other resellers that don’t have their used disc inventory restored.  By using our service, you will have fewer returns, happier customers, and you can ask higher prices for your product because you’ll be selling scratch free discs!

Repaired Xbox 360 game discsThere’s no need to buy and maintain expensive disc restoration equipment, or hire employees you have to train to run them.  Here at Retro Game Fan we can do it all for you.  We offer very competitive pricing and quick turn-around so you can get your discs back and making money for you.  You stay focused on selling, not trying to keep up with restoring discs!

Professional disc repair outsourcing to Retro Game Fan is a great option for:

Buy video game discs that are resurfaced
  •  eBay Sellers
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Video game or DVD rental stores
  • Brick & mortar video game or DVD resellers
  • Schools &/or libraries
  • Used disc resellers of any kind!

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, we can help. Whether you need 100 or 1000 discs or more resurfaced each month, we have the experience and repair facilities to meet your needs!

  • Resurface your scratched or defective discs to good as new condition
  • Experience fewer returns for faulty discs
  • Offer customers scratch-free discs at premium pricing
  • Sustain your rental stock by keeping discs in rotation longer
  • Grow your business while obtaining satisfied, repeat buyers

As business owners ourselves, we understand you need to keep your operating costs down. That’s why we offer lower cost-per-disc rates for high volume orders. We also offer additional discounts from time-to-time to our repeat customers, so get started today!

Important: For full details about the repair service, types of disc damage, what can/cannot be repaired, etc. please reference the following pages prior to ordering:

Repair Process Details
Types of Disc Damage
Scratch Removal Potential
Bulk Repairs / Price List
Disc Repair Outsourcing (this page)
Repair Service Ship-To Address

If you would like to discuss outsourcing your disc repairs with Retro Game Fan, or have any questions at all, feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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