Professional Disc Repair Service - Potential of Scratch Removal

If you are purchasing our Professional Disc Repair Service in order to fix scratches on your video games, DVDs, CDs, etc. the chart below should give you an idea of what results you can expect.

Please note that not all discs are manufactured the same & results may vary based on disc manufacturing process and the extent of damage being repaired.

 Disc Repair Scratch Removal Potential

Important: While our machines do produce exceptional results, they cannot perform miracles. While we can fix most discs, there are obviously limitations to any repair process. For full details about the repair process, types of disc damage, what can/cannot be repaired, etc. please reference the following pages prior to ordering:

Repair Process Details
Types of Disc Damage
Scratch Removal Potential (this page)
Bulk Repairs / Price List
Disc Repair Outsourcing (If you are a business in need of bulk resurfacing)
Repair Service Ship-To Address

Important Information:

Please take a moment to review your discs to ensure that those you are sending in for repair are salvageable. (i.e.: Check for excessively deep scratches or gouges, cracks, excessive label side damage, disc layers separating, etc.)

We will not run discs which are cracked, have stickers on either side, or are deemed beyond a repair attempt, etc. Please double check your discs prior to sending them.

If you are sending in discs with "homemade" type of labels on them (i.e. paper / sticker / printed), please be advised that these types of homemade labels may smear and/or show liquid spotting, etc. afterwards. This is because resurfacing a disc involves running them through machines that utilize solutions, liquids, and polishes. Most of the time there may be only minor smearing around the edges, but we want to make you aware of the risk.

Some discs (generally audio CDs) that have a clear (or mostly clear) type of label, may pick up some minute scratching and/or polish residue, or may possibly peel off, during resurfacing. This is due to some clear CD labels being manufactured of inferior/cheaper quality and are not as robust as other label types. This issue is somewhat rare but seems to mainly affect older audio CDs.

Nintendo GameCube discs may pick up some circular scratches on the label side of the disc during resurfacing. This is because a special adapter tray is required for the smaller discs to fit into the disc repair machines. While we do everything we can to minimize this, there is a possibility some cosmetic anomalies may occur.

If the number of discs you need repaired does not match an existing listing in our store, feel free to email us your actual number of discs and we can create a custom listing for you.

While our minimum disc repair order is for 10 discs, you are more than welcome to send in less than 10 discs on the 10 disc order. That is totally up to you. Refunds are not given for less than 10 discs on an order, however.

If you have any questions or need any help regarding our disc repair service, please do not hesitate to email us at and we would be happy to assist!

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