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RETRO Video Game Magazine Issue 6
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RETRO Video Game Magazine, Issue 06 2015, Adventure Games

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  • Product Name:  RETRO Video Game Magazine, Issue 06, 2015, Adventure Games Issue
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  • One issue of RETRO #6

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We get straight to the point (and click) of adventure gaming as we explore the genre's glorious past and promising future. From Matt Barton's exploration of the adventure genre's evolution with looks at titles like King's Quest, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Maniac Mansion to Luke McKinney's look at some of adventure gaming's most painful puzzles, this is an issue of RETRO that any point-and-click fan won't want to be without. Plus, Jeremy Parish takes a look at Snatcher in his Rarities Report, we offer up a slew of classic and modern reviews, and we pay tribute to the legendary Ralph Baer.

  • RETRO Responds - RETROheads shows off their SNES collections and stand up for classic franchises they feel need some love.
  • RETRO Rembrandts – Readers show off their artistic chops in the debut installment of this visual showcase.
  • Tech Tips – Chris Ainsworth is mad about NoModding is this handy guide to replacing the Nomad LCD screen.
  • Silverball Spotlight – Preston digs into bumper-bouncing bargains for first-time buyers.
  • Remembering Ralph – Michael Thomasson discusses the life and legacy of a gaming legend.
  • The Schwag Bag - What do Megatron, Mega Man, and Mario all have in common? They’re the stars of this issue’s Schwag, of course!
  • RETRO High 5 – Luke takes a look at some of adventuring’s most painful puzzles.
  • Primal Soup – Jeremy Parish examines the impact of one of adventure gaming’s original mysteries.
  • RETROspective - Aaron Dennis-Jackson takes a wormhole into RTS history to examine the ever-epic Homeworld.
  • RETROspective – Not to be outdone by...himself, the ADJ goes on a sword- swinging trip with the Wonder Boy franchise.
  • RETROspective – With no multiplayer, the original Bomberman truly had humble beginnings.
  • Buried Truth – RETRO digs deep to get the story behind the recent unearthing of Atari’s excess inventory.
  • Operation Point and Click – Dr. Matt Barton dissects what happened to the adventure genre.
  • Current Reviews - We take up adventurous arms with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, face our fears via The Binding of Isaac, and go after the gods in Apotheon.
  • Classic Reviews – Einhänder, Gate of Thunder and more round out our retro rewind through gaming history.
  • On the Record - RETRO speaks with rock ‘n’ roll all-star and gaming composer Chris Vrenna.
  • Celebrity Retro – John Gaudiosi speaks with Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda on gaming.
  • Industry Icons – Richard Spitalny and Chris Gray tell us why First Star Software is alive and kickin’.
  • Insane Game Collection – RETRO speaks with a private collector with over 400 consoles!
  • Swap Meet Survival Guide - Mike Kennedy identifies the necessary equipment for the weekend warrior.
  • RETRO Rarities – Jeremy Parish explores one of console gaming’s most revered adventure experiences in Snatcher.
  • Collect-a-Thon! – Chris Kohler is an old- school gamer to the core, and proves it with this look back at Atari’s finest.
  • Conventional Wisdom by Kevin Baird
  • Perseverance in Puzzletown by Brandon Justice
  • Seanbaby vs. The World by Seanbaby
  • Experience Points by Scott Johnson

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