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  • Product Name:  RETRO Video Game Magazine, Issue 04, 2014, Platform Gamer Special Issue
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  • One issue of RETRO #4

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Covered in this issue::

RETRO’s Top 20 Platformers

Whether you spent your days stomping Koopas in Super Mario Bros. or racing after rings in Sonic the Hedgehog, few can forget the days when platformers ruled the gaming roost. And when it comes to fans in early print media, few carried the torch for these iconic adventures like GameFan Magazine’s Dave Halverson, who was kind enough to put together a list of his favorite old-school platformers in an in-depth celebration of the heroes, villains, and the mysterious groundskeepers who thought it was a good idea to put those f$#%ing spikes all over the place. As an added bonus, this month’s cover was carefully crafted by renowned vector artist Orlando Arocena, and as you can see above, it should look mighty nice on your coffee table.

So What Else Is In The Issue?
Continuing last month’s trend of spotlighting a classic genre, we’re releasing our inner butt-bouncing fanboy in issue #4 with a host of killer pieces on some of our favorite platforming titles.

  • Industry Icon(s) - Veteran developers Garry Kitchen and David Crane give us some insight on their early days as developers, discuss their favorite platformers, and even dish a few exclusive images of classic cover and manual art that just missed the final cut.
  • Bumbling Bonk – Robert Workman takes a look on the recent ill-fated comeback of the former Tubrografx superstar.
  • Primal Soup – Jeremy Parish examines the under-appreciated power of pixel art and its modern gaming resurgence.
  • RETROspective: Jumping Flash 2 – Alexandra Hall dons her robotic bunny suit and dishes on why Sony’s polygonal platformer still makes her heart hop.
  • RETROspective: Snatcher – James Paton grants a Kickstarter wish and dives in to this lesser-know (but no-less revered) Kojima classic.
RETRO Recollection:
  • Insane Game Collection – From last issue’s look at one of the world’s largest arcade and pinball collections to one of gaming’s most potent portable collections courtesy of The Handheld Museum’s Rik Morgan.
  • Collect-a-Thon – Chris Kohler follows up last’s month dive into Sega territory with a look at the key keepers in the Turbografx-16 library.
  • Chasing Mario – We’ve all played a Mario game or three in our lives, but Chris points out that finding and owning all of them is tougher than you’d think.
  • RETRO Rarities – Jeremy Parish shows he’s got the ledge-leaping love with a look back at Little Sampson.
  • Coin-Op Story – Indie dev Pascal Cammisotto gives us details on his upcoming Metroidvania marvel that pays homage to the glory days of arcade gaming.
  • Chasm – Discord Games’ James Petruzzi discusses player choice, atmosphere and the challenges of crafting a modern day retro title.
  • The Way – Developer Blaise Sanecki talks about the influences and aesthetic goals that are fueling his team’s upcoming pixel-laden adventure.
  • Fenix Rage – Green Lava’s Eduardo Ramírez talks difficulty, cookies, and building on a budget.
  • Old-School – We leap back into Space Panic, Monty on the Run, Kid Niki and many more.
  • New-School – Not to be out-classed by their retro rivals, Guacamelee, Monochroma, Stick It To the Man and a host of others get a glimpse.
RETRO Rants:
  • Seanbaby talks smack about lame mascots, Pat Contri dives into his favorite obscure platformers, and Kevin Baird reflects on his times as a tike in the arcade badlands.

And of course, we’ll respond to reader inquiries, dish on the latest pinball and arcade news, and deliver yet another installment of Scott Johnson’s Experience Points.

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